Overview of Experiential Context.


This is a distillation of insights gleaned from 5 years of intensive research, both subjective and objective, into the nature of reality. It was initially conceived in collaboration with my former research partner John Ringland, however it has been revised and expanded, and has evolved considerably since its inception in 2008.

The colour coding of the nodes helps with concept navigation, pink represents the manifest realm, green represents the phenomenal realm and orange represents the realm of reality generative processes. The blue area represents the single unified context in which “all that is” arises, the orange points to the descriptions of how this occurs, the pink points to the information describing how we experience that, the green points to information which leads us in the direction of realisation of the ‘how’ behind the ‘what’ of our experiences.

A full resolution, live link version of this diagram is hosted here. An interactive build version of the diagram is hosted here. Feel free to contact the author to participate with/contribute to the evolving diagram.

I have just realised that it is time for me to unpack this information and to elucidate, illustrate and otherwise illuminate the evolving consciousness of humanity as to what the ramifications of this little diagram actually are – so I will begin to draft a book in three parts with the intention of doing just that. Correspondence will be entered into with any and all interested, relevant parties to the effort 🙂

Please contact the author with questions and suggestions for making this project more accessible and effective.

your thoughts?

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