Transpersonal Paradigm.



Full resolution version of diagram hosted here.

Definition of Terms used on this Map:


High level process;

Over arching principles applicable to entities in the manifest universe at the meta-level.

Liberation from limitation;

Assisted transcendence to optimum functioning.

Whole systems integration;

Planetary meta-systems align and integrate. Biosphere + noosphere, supply, exchange and maintenance systems including economic, military, production, consumption

Low level process;

Underlying reality generative process, that upon which universal manifestation supervenes.

Source (unified field, potentiality);

“The whole” the undivided, indivisible, ground of being, all pervading essence of form,


is structured discernible difference which manifests within and moves between any medium that is capable of manifesting two or more distinguishable observables. Such a medium is termed an information space.


That which animates and informs the  manifest universe.


Information received by a system as a result of the activity of the system through streams of self-reference.


That which is enacted in the physical realm, either via subjective or objective means.


An attitude of constant focus upon and dedication to a particular.

Transformation Facilitation;

The activity of supporting, encouraging and enhancing conscious transformative practices.


Conscious enacting of the spiritualised life, realisation of the immanence of spirit in all that manifests as phenomena and form.

Mutual support;

Conscious co-enacting of generative relationship.

Speaking from source;

Enacting a clear cognitive channel through which pure inspired thought can flow as required by circumstances as they arise.

Collaborative inquiries;

Group participation in discovery of particulars from multiple perspectives leading to meta-perspective.


Navigation aid, scaffolding of processes, access to wisdom, informs action.


Sustain a connection between, bridge between points.


That which can be perceived by any means.


The assumed individual sentient being, the original object of consciousness.


Any collective of individuals in any category.


Organic, industrial, memetic, artificial, biospheric, local, global, etc.


The results of the perceptual process objectifying into the world as form.


Objects of perception as they are apprehended by the senses.


Sensory interaction with the objects of perception.


Cognitive analysis of the sensory inputs.


Direct psycho-somatic awareness in present time of sensory/perceptual phenomena.


Electric current or electromagnetic field used to convey data from one place to another.

noun.  sign – token – mark
verb.  signalize – sign – message
adjective.  remarkable – notable


In general, a symbol is an imperfect representation of some underlying pattern.


Information in raw or unorganized form (such as alphabets, numbers, or symbols) that refer to, or represent, conditions, ideas, or objects.


Consistent and recurring characteristic or trait that helps in the identification of a phenomenon.


In the process of coming into being or becoming prominent. Arising unexpectedly or as a new or improved development; recently founded or newly independent. System characteristics or properties.

Collective perception;

Multi-perspectival lens of cognitive objectification of phenomena. Apprehension of multi-dimensional view of manifest particulars.

Collective intelligence;

Multi-party source of processed information in the form of apprehended phenomena represented as communication.

Collective intuition;

Multi-party capacity for receiving information direct from Source, group guidance and/or mediation of spirit and matter.

Collective Homeostasis;

Optimal functioning of combined synthesised systems of living beings at all levels from microbial to planetary scale. Pre-requisite for next level of emergent sentient entity.


All of us, whether we are aware of it or not.

Community of the adequate;

Those of us who are aware of the oneness of all life, and who dedicate their efforts to the benefit of all generations of all beings now and for all time.

Collective Sentience – Also called Scenius – Comprises Anthropsphere

The collective genius which can arise as a result of coherent group interaction. The intelligence and the intuition of a whole cultural scene.


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