Now What?

Global corporate governance is inherently incapable of taking into account the needs of the people upon whom it depends, albeit currently in a parasitic manner. The ‘parasite’ is threatening the well being of it’s host, which is a sub-optimal situation for all concerned. Across all sectors of civil society, the intrinsic rights of individuals are being swiftly eroded, and the inherent responsibilities of governance are being hastily discarded. This is a dangerous situation, and we are on a slippery slope right now.

The corrupting power of the prevailing profit at any price paradigm is threatening the viability of life on this planet. The time we are in are is call to action in itself.


What is most needed now, in my humble opinion, is the capacity to imagine something different, something which has not been effectively tried before, that which is so out of the current paradigmatic box that it is still invisible to most even when it appears amongst us. Some examples of what I feel can empower humanity to climb out of the grave it is digging for itself are already arising in response to the difficulties imposed upon us by the mighty and deadly dangerous “powers that be”.

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Future-able planet; pre-requisites.

Thought experiment.

What would be the minimum prerequisites for an effective, long term,  life affirming, planetary inhabitants guidance system?


Some obvious things come to mind:

Mature, psychologically sound, functionally communicative adult human beings capable of, and willing to, take into consideration all necessary fields of inquiry pertinent to the well being, and ongoing interdependence of life support systems on this Earth. Until such time as sufficient numbers of such capable beings are safely established in positions of authority with the power to direct the combined resources of planetary systems toward alternatives, the focus of all responsible, mature human  beings needs to be on getting such a social, humanistic state of affairs established.

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What I am doing!

* The Magellan Courses

I will be attending the retreat by subsidised placement.

* MetaCogs, Meta-cognitive alignment of Information Systems, I am administering this initiative as well as convening the think tanks.

* Pattern Dynamics –  with Tim Winton, I am administering a peer learning network around the learning of this method.

* Peer Learning Networks  I am using this methodology to convene a peer learning network called MetaCogs.

* Esoteric Metaphysics  I have been engaged in independent research at this site for three years. I administer this site.

* Integral Theory and Practice – I am studying and contributing feedback for the pilot study program at Core Integral. I have studied various offerings from the Integral Institute which has evolved in several directions, I am currently focussed on this branch

* The HUMAN Project ,  I am supporting the development of concepts for this project.

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