Future-able planet; pre-requisites.

Thought experiment.

What would be the minimum prerequisites for an effective, long term,  life affirming, planetary inhabitants guidance system?


Some obvious things come to mind:

Mature, psychologically sound, functionally communicative adult human beings capable of, and willing to, take into consideration all necessary fields of inquiry pertinent to the well being, and ongoing interdependence of life support systems on this Earth. Until such time as sufficient numbers of such capable beings are safely established in positions of authority with the power to direct the combined resources of planetary systems toward alternatives, the focus of all responsible, mature human  beings needs to be on getting such a social, humanistic state of affairs established.

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Humanity’s Assignment.

 ‘Our’ assignment in a nutshell – Project – reorient the current civilisation toward life giving and nourishing fulfillment of all individuals whilst simultaneously realising that something greater than the sum of us is incubating in our midst and can be nurtured and birthed for the benefit of all living beings – life defined broadly as that which has the capacity to integrate with the biosphere in mutually beneficial ways. No frills, get real, take care of business on this space-faring orb.

What we need to do is spell it all out in graphic detail, the ‘map’ needs to be so compelling that it evokes the territory.

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