Being me.

Having arrived in the second decade of this new millennium and entering what feels to be a time of deep transformation for the species I am currently a member of, the expression of universal manifestation that could be identified with as ‘me’ is experiencing a reorientation of the notion of boundaries. This individual human being feels an immanent merger with a higher order emergent sentient entity comprised of the interactivity of all manifest sentient lifeforms on the bio-spacecraft we currently inhabit.

The direct sense of embodied immanence that pervades the context in which it appears this ‘me’ is arising includes all that can be perceived, at once tangible and intangible. There is a direct felt sense of the interconnectedness, the entanglement and interdependence of the entire universe. This timeless immersive realisation has more power to describe itself now than ever before. The myriad ontological and epistemological interpretations of the eternal arising of form and phenomena are converging at an ever accelerating rate. This convergence heralds an era of integration of consciousness for which there is no precedent in recorded human terms. To express our mystic insights into this situation, a new language of gnosis will be required and is in development.

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