Is all indeed sacred and divine?

The manifest universe is a result of reality generative processes (as described by the combination of various brilliant physicists, not to mention mystics throughout the ages) the context in which those processes are running is seamless, undivided, constant, and below the threshold of perception.

The experience we have of being immersed in the context of this manifest universe engenders an assumption of there being multiple and various phenomenon. From the embedded experience, this view is the only one available – yet, the means by which all this display of magnificence and immanence is rendered is becoming apparent through the very faculty of mind which, by its very nature, struggles to comprehend it.

Meanwhile, here in the manifest context, even whilst being aware of the immanence of ‘divine-spirit’ (an archaic term for the above mentioned processes) as omnipresent, this being prerequisite for manifestation remember, we mindful beings are struggling with the expressions and interpretations of such.

It is at the point of interpretations and expressions that we get to exercise our part in this cosmic process. We get to choose how we behave, and what we think about the behaviour of others. We get to interact in myriad ways, and we are challenged to become more functionally fitting with the context as it unfolds, or to create new contexts in which we believe we will fit better for longer – or whatever.

GD. Goethean Experimental Observations for 12/06/2012

Practice notes from Goethean experiment conducted in 2012.

Magellan Courses

(noticing the phenomena of sounds arising from within);

Prelude: I have relocated to a big old house near the beach, with a forest across the road. To honour the occasion, we had a fire ceremony at the beach on the evening of the 12th June. After enjoying the beautiful starlit evening we returned to the house, after I have settled my son I settle into sitting meditation on the mat in front of the altar.

I sound the singing bowl, chant Aum and then sit with my double dorje in my hands, contemplating the energetic nexus that it represents, and creatively imagining the dynamic structure which it represents the underpinnings of.


I begin to feel the arising of kundalini shakti, gently undulating through my subtle energetic system and up my spine, out through the top of my head with a tingling sensation and into the familiar fountain-like pattern of…

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Being me.

Having arrived in the second decade of this new millennium and entering what feels to be a time of deep transformation for the species I am currently a member of, the expression of universal manifestation that could be identified with as ‘me’ is experiencing a reorientation of the notion of boundaries. This individual human being feels an immanent merger with a higher order emergent sentient entity comprised of the interactivity of all manifest sentient lifeforms on the bio-spacecraft we currently inhabit.

The direct sense of embodied immanence that pervades the context in which it appears this ‘me’ is arising includes all that can be perceived, at once tangible and intangible. There is a direct felt sense of the interconnectedness, the entanglement and interdependence of the entire universe. This timeless immersive realisation has more power to describe itself now than ever before. The myriad ontological and epistemological interpretations of the eternal arising of form and phenomena are converging at an ever accelerating rate. This convergence heralds an era of integration of consciousness for which there is no precedent in recorded human terms. To express our mystic insights into this situation, a new language of gnosis will be required and is in development.

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