States of Grace.

Gratitude, blessings, healing, happiness, contentment, peace, generosity, love and harmony. Equanimity, poise, composure, forbearance, forgiveness, compassion and empathy. Each of these could be described as a state of grace. Each of these is a response to circumstances and an attitude toward life.

Grace Chapel

States of grace allow differences and difficulties to exist without condemnation, they allow for friction without animosity, and they allow for things to change, often for the better. Sometimes these states arise by themselves at times when we might have expected something else, for instance when a stranger steps in to lend a hand to someone in need, unasked, gratitude arises. Sometimes we can deliberately engage them. For example, when something we value gets broken by a child at play, we have a choice, we can get angry and cause confusion and fear in the child, or we can remain calm and explain the situation carefully, with compassion and empathy for our own pain and the child’s innocence. In the first instance, the child will remember that you get angry when your things are damaged, in the second instance, the child learns how much you value the things, and also how much you value them as a person – this generates a positive outcome, a state of grace between you.

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