Back to the Future

This is a personal post. As I have not posted anything here for quite a while, I would like to take stock, update the permanent record, and map out next steps.

Views of the future possibilities for humans on planet earth has been the theme of my writing since I joined the www in 2003, and I continue working in the background on my independent research projects. I also contribute some cognitive surplus to other worthwhile projects when I can. Meanwhile, I have decided that a direct approach to influencing future thinkers, leaders, and global citizens will be the most rewarding method I can engage moving forward. This year I have completed a bachelors degree in creative media, with a major in photomedia, and minor in geography. My plan is to take this forward into a masters of teaching degree so I can become a qualified school teacher and share the benefit of my experience, knowledge and wisdom with the youth in whose hands the future lay.


Where to from here?

I like to imagine stuff, especially cool stuff that could help make the world work for all living beings…
Imagine this:
A culture of respect, admiration and gratitude for worthy, suitably qualified ‘leadership’. Teams of the most highly qualified domain experts in positions of global responsibility. Viable ethics in all interactions the measure of worthy participation at the scale of a flourishing planetary civilisation. A society filled with access to creative opportunities for all its people, where the sense of belonging and worth are supported by systemic processes whereby we find our best expression and fit in the social milieu. Seamless integration of environment, economy, technology and biology….
How do we get from here to there?
What do we need?


Co-creating a new way.

From little things, big things grow.

From humble beginnings, on a conversation thread among friends on Facebook in September 2013

~ real action and commitment to creating actual mechanisms and methodologies which can facilitate widespread, informed, people driven changes ~

This is what needs to be discussed, and developed. Bigger than any one of us, more powerful than any existing power structure, more life affirming than all of human history. This is a conversation where *really* listening to one another may mean the difference between life and death for billions of living beings.

How is listening done? What practices might best empower the process?

An idea has  formed into a seed, a seed which is set to sprout a root into the Earth in South Africa at the winter solstice of 2014. During this time of deep introspection, a core team of inspired volunteers will converge upon the site of earliest human activity that is accessible to us today, and set an intention – to truly co-create the possibility of embracing the new. A deep listening, an honouring, a learning journey, will commence.


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Change – wherefor art thou?

Change comes from within, on a individual level. No change can occur in the life of an individual until the INNER process of change is under way – I believe this is the same for the collective, the edge (which we may assume we are on because we have different hopes and larger dreams than most) is not on the “surface”, it is close to the core, and the change we make while firmly embedded in the ‘systems’ of this planet, are the precursors to societal change at scale.

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Wake up call.

An experimental course of study I have been participating in for over a year now, has bought to my attention the work of Professor of Philosophy of Sciences and Technology, Bruno Latour. This man has a lot of novel and challenging ways to re-frame the human condition in light of our current (early 21st century) circumstances. Some quotes I excerpted from a keynote he delivered to the International Seminar on Network Theory: Network Multidimensionality in the Digital Age, in 2010, have become a “wake up call” for me;

To believe in the existence either of the individual or of society is simply a way to say that we have been deprived of information on the individuals we started with; that we have little knowledge about their interactions; that we have lost the precis conduits through which what we call the whole actually circulates. In effect we have jettisoned the the goal of understanding what the collective existence is all about.

Instead of THE “individual v’s society” problem, we are now faced with the multiple and fully reversible combinations of highly complex individual constituents and multiple and fully reversible aggregates. The center stage is now occupied by the navigational tools.

When Lippmann said the public is a phantom, this was not a way to say it does not exist, but on the contrary a plea – and a somewhat desparate plea – to make it appear through the intervention of the right tools.


There is work underway here MACOSPOL toward making this possible through sufficient information exchange, not only qualitatively but also quantitativley. And, there is a theme emerging in my awareness of things from what I consider to be a “holistic” or “global” perspective (something which has been the focus of my personal self-development for decades). The theme seems to be:
“Can we please have a conversation that addresses “the TOPIC”; adequately, sufficiently, concisely,  accurately, dispassionately, and COHERENTLY.”

Evidence of this can bee seen not only in Latour’s lab’s project but also in developments of a Game of Understanding at this site and in the work of various others who are in pre-alpha development without public documentation available.

I had put notions of the possibility of a sufficiently developed discourse ever emerging, or of being able to apply the type of thinking that takes “everything” in to account, aside for a while. I have been exploring what it actually takes to legitimize such a direction. Now I am back on track with this work and look forward to following developments as they arise.

This place on Earth.

I have a potential living-lab, collaboratory in the making right here where I live. With empty rooms in my apartment and a community garden under construction. The resources are in place, and I am preparing to welcome my first collaborators 🙂


And what? you may ask, are we planning to collaborate on?

The development and practice of methods of interaction that engender the possible emergence of a more harmonious and sane civilisational structure, that’s what!

This will be a major opportunity to collaborate on research and development of the cognitive and emotional capacities required to guide this type of collective transformation. This will be an experience worth documenting as we live and breathe that which is emerging in response to the rapidly accelerating needs of our species for improved models of collective generative action.

Please feel free to approach me directly for more information or with expressions of interest with regard to this project 🙂