Whole Planet as Sentient Entity?

This post introduces my lifetime project:



This document describes a perceived potential movement toward a coherent, integrated planetary paradigm, in which our best intelligence, technology and ethics combine to underpin a new era of truly ‘civilised‘, as in gracious, and relatively enlightened, behaviour among beings.

The thought experiment driving the evolution and development of this idea for over 8 years is: “if I were a sentient entity at the scale of our planet, what would I need in order to become functionally self-aware?” the subtext to that inquiry is, “what evidence, if anything, is there which points to the possibility that a higher order entity (existing governments, ngo’s and corporations not withstanding) may be emerging from the sum of human interactions?”

So this document, and the diagram it describes are one possible example of a high altitude overview, or meta-perspective,addressing the inquiry set out in that thought experiment. Using this type of perspectival lens through which to assess the available information, we can begin to formulate a hypothesised set of basic pre-requisites that a planet sized being might need to become functionally self-aware. This is admittedly a hypothetical metaphysics for a hypothetical paradigm. The experience of living the reality of such a paradigm, if actualised, could be well worth the time it takes to develop and test this kind of model. Please note that this example is not suggested as an absolute in any way, this is simply an example of applied experimentation in metaphysics.

Obviously, there is much more to the picture than can be illustrated in a concise overview such as this, and many nested levels of complexity could be revealed through further research. I have endeavoured to limit the inquiry to genuinely meta-level structures and dynamics for the sake of initial simplicity. I hope to continue refining this inquiry, as I believe that useful and relevant information will be revealed which could enhance our capacity to continue evolving as a species, while finding our balance in relation to our planet and the rest of the living beings in our galactic neighbourhood.

I welcome feedback as the scope of this project is as wide as those who participate.

Excerpts from “Who Owns the Future?” – Jaron Lanier – parts 1-5

Excerpts from “Who owns the future?” by Jaron Lanier – parts 1-5

“It would be impossible to only use existing terminology to communicate the ideas in this book. The problem is not that there are no relevant, familiar terms, but that all the pre-existing terms have baggage or common uses that are just enough askew from what I need to say that they bring more confusion than clarity. So unfamiliar terms and expressions will appear. An appendix contains a list of some of these terms, along with the pages on which they first appear. Think of it as the high priority index.” p.xiii


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Appropriate Widsom

In this short and to the point talk, Deepak Chopra makes explicit many of the points we need bear in mind as we work with the code and the knowledge engines that will underpin the metamorphosis of human civilisation and the experience of life on earth. He also offers his expertise as a consultant in this area free to initiatives working along this line, I for one would like to talk with him about that 🙂

Deepak on Global Brain

Legendary heroes of the future.

Several visionary characters, with the background and experience to count as effective influential actors, are among my “long view” choices for future heroes of this transitional time in human history.

In this posting I will introduce us to these humble giants, and describe why it is they will be remembered as some of the most powerfully influential movers and shakers of the early 21st century.

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Being me.

Having arrived in the second decade of this new millennium and entering what feels to be a time of deep transformation for the species I am currently a member of, the expression of universal manifestation that could be identified with as ‘me’ is experiencing a reorientation of the notion of boundaries. This individual human being feels an immanent merger with a higher order emergent sentient entity comprised of the interactivity of all manifest sentient lifeforms on the bio-spacecraft we currently inhabit.

The direct sense of embodied immanence that pervades the context in which it appears this ‘me’ is arising includes all that can be perceived, at once tangible and intangible. There is a direct felt sense of the interconnectedness, the entanglement and interdependence of the entire universe. This timeless immersive realisation has more power to describe itself now than ever before. The myriad ontological and epistemological interpretations of the eternal arising of form and phenomena are converging at an ever accelerating rate. This convergence heralds an era of integration of consciousness for which there is no precedent in recorded human terms. To express our mystic insights into this situation, a new language of gnosis will be required and is in development.

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