We are not amused – or are we?


Life. What does that entail? Getting out of bed in the morning (groan!) and preparing to do something we would rather not be doing, most days of our lives? Looking in the mirror and not seeing the person on TV that we expect ourselves to look like? Going about our routines mechanically, as if we were robots designed to do the same thing day after day?

With so much to do, and so little time for fun in our lives, we can fail to see the humour in the many strange situations that happen to us and our loved ones. Just the simple fact that we expect ourselves to be something or someone we are not is funny in itself when you stop and think about it! If I am not a morning person, and I think I have to get up every day and be glad about it, I will fail every time! Perhaps if I just accepted the fact that I will be grumpy about it, I could start taking myself a little less seriously, and see the humour in my “grumpy bear” act, I could even begin to ham it up for the people around me, and create some humour for them too.




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