Resonance Academy Delegate Program

Resonance Academy Delegate Level 1 Program is both a mind-shifting and knowledge expanding experience, which fully supports the emergence of a new chapter in the story of our planet. Taking this course of study has given me much needed confidence to believe in a positive future for humanity.

The program offers a comprehensive introductory series of course modules offering insight into ancient and modern history as it relates to our understanding of the nature of the universe in which we live. Included are in-depth explorations into the evolution and development of human technology and scientific knowledge. All this in a scientifically grounded integrative framework of understanding that allows a new view of our unfolding potential as a species to emerge.

Participating in the pilot model of this program allowed the opportunity to contribute feedback and potential resources with a view to improving the overall course offerings for future delegates, and represents a working example of collaborative research and development that truly enlivened my educational experience.

The programs course structure allows for absorption of the concise yet profound body of information provided, as well as time for further research into the concepts shared in the body of the courses. Regular generative interaction with faculty and fellow students throughout the duration of the program helps to increase the coherence of the cohort and encourage ongoing dialogues to develop and extend as we become catalysts for change in all areas of both our professional and private lives.

I highly recommend engaging this opportunity to consciously and intentionally ‘level up’ our understanding of what is possible, as an individual human being, and for the potential of all living beings everywhere.

A big thank you to all the production team and faculty, and especially to Nassim for his tireless years of work which have culminated in the opening of this Academy – Bravo!

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Global Voice?


I am currently reading “Citizen voice in a globalized world” by Lawrence MacDonald, Bobby Fishkin, and David Witzel


In today’s world, the global economy
is highly interconnected, but the
global polity is weak, rudimentary,
and fragmented. Market forces speak
with a booming voice and get all the
best lines, while nonmarket forces—
especially citizen’s preferences
about global affairs—are typically ill
informed, poorly articulated, and hard
to hear. This paper explores options
for uncovering and amplifying
informed global public opinion as a
means for improving the decisions of
international bodies and of national
and sub-national governments in
regards to global issues. The paper
examines problems in ascertaining
citizen preferences and surveys common approaches. It then makes
the case for a specific approach—
deliberative polling—and explores
possibilities for using it to help
address the comparative weakness of
the global polity.

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Wake up call.

An experimental course of study I have been participating in for over a year now, has bought to my attention the work of Professor of Philosophy of Sciences and Technology, Bruno Latour. This man has a lot of novel and challenging ways to re-frame the human condition in light of our current (early 21st century) circumstances. Some quotes I excerpted from a keynote he delivered to the International Seminar on Network Theory: Network Multidimensionality in the Digital Age, in 2010, have become a “wake up call” for me;

To believe in the existence either of the individual or of society is simply a way to say that we have been deprived of information on the individuals we started with; that we have little knowledge about their interactions; that we have lost the precis conduits through which what we call the whole actually circulates. In effect we have jettisoned the the goal of understanding what the collective existence is all about.

Instead of THE “individual v’s society” problem, we are now faced with the multiple and fully reversible combinations of highly complex individual constituents and multiple and fully reversible aggregates. The center stage is now occupied by the navigational tools.

When Lippmann said the public is a phantom, this was not a way to say it does not exist, but on the contrary a plea – and a somewhat desparate plea – to make it appear through the intervention of the right tools.


There is work underway here MACOSPOL toward making this possible through sufficient information exchange, not only qualitatively but also quantitativley. And, there is a theme emerging in my awareness of things from what I consider to be a “holistic” or “global” perspective (something which has been the focus of my personal self-development for decades). The theme seems to be:
“Can we please have a conversation that addresses “the TOPIC”; adequately, sufficiently, concisely,  accurately, dispassionately, and COHERENTLY.”

Evidence of this can bee seen not only in Latour’s lab’s project but also in developments of a Game of Understanding at this site and in the work of various others who are in pre-alpha development without public documentation available.

I had put notions of the possibility of a sufficiently developed discourse ever emerging, or of being able to apply the type of thinking that takes “everything” in to account, aside for a while. I have been exploring what it actually takes to legitimize such a direction. Now I am back on track with this work and look forward to following developments as they arise.

This place on Earth.

I have a potential living-lab, collaboratory in the making right here where I live. With empty rooms in my apartment and a community garden under construction. The resources are in place, and I am preparing to welcome my first collaborators 🙂


And what? you may ask, are we planning to collaborate on?

The development and practice of methods of interaction that engender the possible emergence of a more harmonious and sane civilisational structure, that’s what!

This will be a major opportunity to collaborate on research and development of the cognitive and emotional capacities required to guide this type of collective transformation. This will be an experience worth documenting as we live and breathe that which is emerging in response to the rapidly accelerating needs of our species for improved models of collective generative action.

Please feel free to approach me directly for more information or with expressions of interest with regard to this project 🙂


Something that is constantly recirculating and reiterating in my mind is this theme:

The “global mind” is an already existent whole within which ‘we’ (apparently) arise. Our becoming into being is coherent with the arising of the whole. This whole system of which we are the microcosmic conscious holo-fractal internal feedback sensory and cognitive components, is simultaneously manifesting as the sum total of all our interactions, productions, and innovations. As we evolve to progressively more complex and dynamic interactive configurations, and our technological artefacts become integrated and synchronised, the potential for the whole system to manifest a coherently integrated cognitive and sensory apparatus draws ever closer to actuality.

From there some questions arise:

How can methods of clearing the deep connection to the real and true, the good and beautiful, become ubiquitously available;
a) to those know it exists and want it,
b) to those who want something ‘else’ than what they have,
c) to those who are clueless and suffering terribly?

in order of degrees of difficulty…