Direction Frame.

Excerpts from research paper in progress:

When we are able to recognise that the planet itself has a destiny, to which we are a contributing factor, questions of what is and what is not appropriate action have a frame of reference that potentially enhances and supports future-worthy decision making processes. When we understand ourselves as integral parts of an infinitely larger process, becoming as fully informed as possible before making decisions which effect all life, and are designed to benefit the whole system, becomes the common sense method for leadership in all fields of human endeavour. What springs from this is willingness to make the commitment required to perform leadership service with integrity and demonstrable responsibility. Leaders will gain pride from having created a legacy worthy of remembrance.

Considering the whole system as an entity takes the pressure off individuals who may or may not be capable of handling their powerful roles in a globally responsible manner in the current version of human civilisation.


Resonance Academy Delegate Program

Resonance Academy Delegate Level 1 Program is both a mind-shifting and knowledge expanding experience, which fully supports the emergence of a new chapter in the story of our planet. Taking this course of study has given me much needed confidence to believe in a positive future for humanity.

The program offers a comprehensive introductory series of course modules offering insight into ancient and modern history as it relates to our understanding of the nature of the universe in which we live. Included are in-depth explorations into the evolution and development of human technology and scientific knowledge. All this in a scientifically grounded integrative framework of understanding that allows a new view of our unfolding potential as a species to emerge.

Participating in the pilot model of this program allowed the opportunity to contribute feedback and potential resources with a view to improving the overall course offerings for future delegates, and represents a working example of collaborative research and development that truly enlivened my educational experience.

The programs course structure allows for absorption of the concise yet profound body of information provided, as well as time for further research into the concepts shared in the body of the courses. Regular generative interaction with faculty and fellow students throughout the duration of the program helps to increase the coherence of the cohort and encourage ongoing dialogues to develop and extend as we become catalysts for change in all areas of both our professional and private lives.

I highly recommend engaging this opportunity to consciously and intentionally ‘level up’ our understanding of what is possible, as an individual human being, and for the potential of all living beings everywhere.

A big thank you to all the production team and faculty, and especially to Nassim for his tireless years of work which have culminated in the opening of this Academy – Bravo!

DLVL1-Official-Badge-100x100Delegate Program Level 1 Badge

Meta-systemic musings.

In conversation with a number of futurists and theorists about what we need to DO, I had this concise revelation, putting it here for future reference:

While I understand the argument for considering [metaphorical anthropomorphic meta-perspective] an ego-like relationship between power structures and populations, I disagree that this perspective gives more insight that taking account of “people doing things”, actually, the behaviour, connections and interactions are exactly what any emergent higher order of organisation is comprised of, from the co-operative effort of cells to maintain the order of multi-cellular organisms such as ourselves, without which we would cease to exist, to discussing analogous meta-systems of human design. Across the spectrum from micro to macro, patterns, flows and interaction dynamics are the structure of what ever system we are describing. In the case of the “whole planetary system” the human factor, and the incorporated beings that are emerging from human collective behaviours are in essence formed of myriad interactions between individuals that have become habituated to a particular systemic matrix. This can change.

For my part, I conjecture that the “whole planetary system” is undergoing metamorphosis into a metastable state which bears little resemblance to the patterns of life on earth that we have known to date. A whole systems integration and synthesis of organism and technology with their attendant life-support systemic requirements will emerge as a massively distributed, self-aware, sentient entity in the form of the whole system itself (all of which I have scant evidence of by the measure of the times we are in, however, when I take a deep look into the future I see things).

Here is an intro to system dynamics that may help unpack the above assertion:

Sanity option – Hope for the future.


James Greyson outlines a set of implementable strategies by which the human species may rescue the future and experience viable quality of life for all on earth. The conclusion to his introduction states:

“The flood of problems, locally, regionally and globally, already exceeds the capacity of researchers, policy-makers and the wider society to cope. The strategy of handling problems one at a time, a bit at a time, has not worked and cannot work. The solutions are not to be found where they are being sought, within the narrow territory of each symptom. Time is short but a new strategy is available: it is the ‘system’ that must be fixed, not all the separate symptoms. The boundaries of what is realistic need not be set by the struggles of the past nor current economic conditions. What is possible must match what is necessary. Habits of thought, world-views and economic rules-of-the-game can be switched from accelerating the planet crunch to reversing it. The goal of global security, implemented by the proposed policy switches, offers the possibility of future stability, security and prosperity. These switches redirect attention from the daunting list of changes that would be seen if things were working, to the manageable list of changes to make things work. This is not academic nor complicated and if acted upon people would soon wonder why it wasn’t done long ago.”

See James’ website to engage with the whole series of documents presented at NATO Advanced Research Workshop. Split, Croatia 17th-19th June 2009. Published for the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme by Springer, Sept 2010. Publisher’s link (paywall), slides, author’s copy of published full paper, event pdf, previous discussion on, discussion group Fixing Systems Not Symptoms, TEDx talk, Planet Levers project – collaborators welcome!

Collective Inquiry Series – 01:

Recently I asked a question and put it out to my social network, which is a great way to gain diverse perspectives, and often yields some fantastic insights. So here are the results:



Serious question: Why do humans (in general) apparently have SO much energy and enthusiasm for destruction?

From games, to movies, to memes – from play, to creativity, and to war, there seems to be an underlying motivation, or at least an unintentional side effect, which destroys – for fun ??

The contributions are from various folks who are good with their material being shared – this post is about the content rather than the personalities, and all the following is a result of our collective inquiry

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This place on Earth.

I have a potential living-lab, collaboratory in the making right here where I live. With empty rooms in my apartment and a community garden under construction. The resources are in place, and I am preparing to welcome my first collaborators 🙂


And what? you may ask, are we planning to collaborate on?

The development and practice of methods of interaction that engender the possible emergence of a more harmonious and sane civilisational structure, that’s what!

This will be a major opportunity to collaborate on research and development of the cognitive and emotional capacities required to guide this type of collective transformation. This will be an experience worth documenting as we live and breathe that which is emerging in response to the rapidly accelerating needs of our species for improved models of collective generative action.

Please feel free to approach me directly for more information or with expressions of interest with regard to this project 🙂