1. Meta-tech Intro


Thought Experiment:

The “global mind” is an already existent whole within which ‘we’ (apparently) arise. Our becoming into being is coherent with the arising of the whole. This whole system of which we are the microcosmic conscious holo-fractal internal feedback sensory and cognitive components, is simultaneously manifesting as the sum total of all our interactions, productions, and innovations. As we evolve to progressively more complex and dynamic interactive configurations, and our technological artefacts become integrated and synchronised, the potential for the whole system to manifest a coherently integrated cognitive and sensory apparatus draws ever closer to actuality.

The universe has the tendency toward self-correction, all aligns for the highest good as a matter of course, as we evolve we become capable of more subtle and nuanced learning, as well as of more extreme complexification of form, all this is leading toward the next level of coherent sentient entity in our local manifest instance of this overall program.

I feel if development of core of the future-web with a view to coherent ontological integration of ALL data-sets is set in motion, we will see significant change quite quickly,  the ontological integration will occur because at the core of all information is a process via which it manifests, and somewhere deep in the data structure is the clue – the synonym – the analogy – that illustrates that. This is the point at which the data-sets align and interface.

At the core of this model:

~ is the autocatalytic, autopoetic process arising as the relationship between the planet, technology and human interactivity via information processes.

Information itself is the life blood of the processes, and is related to and utilised in various ways due to the needs of the contributing factors to the situation, both existent and emergent. Using an analogy of the planet as a biospheric spaceship upon which intelligent and imaginative sentient life forms are dependent gives us a cognitive handle by which to grasp our inquiry.

Information is derived from observations taken and recorded by inhabitants of the planet.

a/ The methods of derivation and the effects of conditioned perceptual and cognitive interpretation upon the data are primarily undertaken most effectively by a philosophical and transpersonal psychological collective mind. Insights into the structures of consciousness operating upon the information can be formulated through these methods.

b/ The body of information itself can now be subject to analysis, reflection and iterative structural and dynamic interactive development via methods in constant process in the information and communication technology sector.

c/ Information available from all sources pertinent to all living and life support systems can be aggregated, integrated and displayed through the developing Earth Dashboard project.

d/ Information specific to living systems at all scales can be aggregated, modelled and explored in a simulation environment thanks to the combined resources of a, b & c.

e/ The system structure and user interface for the acquisition and distribution of information (knowledge, resources, etc) is the connective factor at the level of all human beings, which can allow for optimisation of resource distribution according to informed need and availability.

f/ the combination of all these factors can guide the development and implementation of a technological convergence in the form of enabling infrastructure for a coherent global mind, which represents the minimal/configurable operating system for the planet.

your thoughts?

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