Meta System Live Map

(Perceived) Movement toward a coherent, integrated planetary paradigm.

The thought experiment driving the evolution and development of this diagram over 5 years to date is: “if I were a sentient entity at the scale of our planet, given what is currently available, what would I need in order to function?” the subtext to that inquiry is, “what is evident, if anything, that points to the possibility that a higher order entity (corporations not withsatnding) may develop from the sum of human interactions?”

So this diagram is a high altitude overview of the minimum requirements that have emerged so far, as far as I can tell. Obviously, there is much more to the picture, and many nested levels of complexity to be revealed through careful research. I have endeavoured to limit the inquiry to genuinely meta-level structure and dynamics for the sake of initial simplicity. I hope to continue refining this inquiry, as I believe that useful and relevant information may be revealed which could enhance our capacity to continue evolving as a species.

I will continue to expand upon the textual exposition of the ideas over time, but what I really need is to discuss the ideas with others in order for the meme to acquire some requisite diversity. My initial idea was to invite all the represented stakeholders on the diagram to participate in a “getting to know you in context” style forum, but have not pulled that together yet as I feel there are some key missing ingredients still – and I need more minds on the job to figure out what those are.


your thoughts?

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