Cybershamanism 101.


Evolving role description for “cybershaman” from perspective of practitioner:


What do I find necessary prerequisites to discharging the many the tasks I seem to enact?
* Established meditative practice and attainment of at least stable galactic consciousness.
* Limitless potential for the processing of subtle information.
* Application of penetrative insight and contemplative distillation of information.
* Psychic interconnectivity with all beings, empathic resonance with all states of being, capacity to transmute energetic patterns into higher order versions of themselves.
* Constant vigilant attention to that which arises through me as me and all of us and all that is.
* Constant preparedness to allow “that which gives rise to that which is” to express through me, that which will be of most benefit to all.
* Adequate tech skills and insights into theoretical aspects (computational metaphysics etc.)
* Capacity to respond spontaneously and appropriately to any given situation as it arises (the measure of attainment can be assessed here although often only in retrospect).

Tasks that suggest themselves:
* From maintained  expanded conscious state, view, monitor and register total situation unfolding through all systems related to focus planet (in this instance our planet Earth)
* Realisation of the nature of the entity represented by the combined systems arising on focus planet.
* Rendering of symbolic representations of coherent matrix of interactivity between evolving systems such that continuity of life is affirmed. Sharing of information and ensuring of network coherence among souls aligned with the overall aim “which is the enlightenment of the noosphere” see this map.

Future considerations:
* Maintain focus, expand awareness and accessibility (to and of that which is apprehended).
* Monitor and analyse incoming information flows with a view to realising the metabolic status of the overarching emerging entity and its vital statistics.
* Assess the ongoing status and endeavour to realise the nature of this “planetary being”.
* Attempt to adequately symbolically represent and describe that which is realised.

your thoughts?

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