Cybershaman – How to:

How to Lock the Gate


Calling All Serving Shamans to Anchor the promise of a worthwhile future for all beings on this planet.

It is time to jump in, to get centred and grounded.

Time travel to a future where nature is restored to central place in all our lives.

To a time when we all know that the Earth is our Mother

and the only liveable spaceship we have.

Bring back the wisdom of our future ancestors, bring it back through time and space to this now.

Create a link, a bond, between then and now – a thread of light and hope to guide us all – and anchor that in this now.

Help ensure that we walk on this Earth in such a way that we erase all the damage we have done.

Remain connected to the bright future even when feels like we are walking up hill against the tide.

Serving Shamans All – Are Called to Anchor

the positive and beautiful Future that our ancestors know is possible.

So Let it Be.

your thoughts?

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