About GD


Brief Experiential Biography;

I have had a constant sense of felt connection to the source of being since early childhood – born in 1966 in Warwickshire UK. Emigrated to Australia in 1968. Constantly aware of the fact that every ‘thing’ is alive – have had ongoing ‘conversation’ with material universe (gross, subtle and causal) throughout this lifetime. NDE in early 20′s with accompanying revelatory experiences including psychological adjustments and physiological ramifications. Practising visual artist in various mediums since early childhood. Received various ‘visions’ and ‘messages’ of cosmic proportions throughout this lifetime.

Meditation practitioner since age 25, self induced OBE’s, remote viewing, self-hypnotic past life regression, dream recall and analysis, episodic lucid dreaming, spontaneaous ‘shamanic’ practice, all developed through twenties and early thirties. Seven years of shamanic initiations under indigenous Australian ‘conditions’. Three live children, aged 27, 18 and 10 as well as two grandchildren.

Arcane School student 2005-08.

University of Metaphysical Sciences student 2006-07.

Bodhisattva vows 2006.

Initiated into “Bunjalung” Aboriginal Nation 2007.

Devotee of Sri Amritanandamayi Devi since 2008, received initiation into Siddha Yoga in 2009 .

Metaphysical research partner with Anandavala 2007 – 2011.

Attained Advanced Integral T&P accreditation in 2009.

Attained Resonance Academy Delegate Level 1 accreditation in 2014.

Bachelor of Creative Industries 2017 – JCU. 

I have experienced numerous and varied ‘altered’ states of consciousness as a result of meditation, and yogic practices, including visions of ‘energetic’ matrices, processes, dynamic symbology and iconography. I have a keen interest in finding a ‘key’ to a unified metaphysical framework of understanding.

Contemporary nfluences include;

Alice Bailey (D.K), C. G. Jung, Jason Brown, Evan Thompson, Goethe, Ken Wilber, Bruno Latour, Bonnitta Roy, Nassim Harramein,

Other influences;

Ramana Maharshi, Nisagadatta Maharaj, Torkom Saraydarian, Osho, Joel Morwood, Swami Shankarananda, Craig Hamilton, Amma, Rumi, Dalai Lama, Bodhisattvas Avalokiteshvara and Manjushri, Process metaphysics, Computational metaphysics,

Sacred Texts studied include;

Baghavad Gita, Lankavatara Sutra, Avadhut Gita, Ashtavakra Gita, Pratyabijnaridayam, Kunjed Gyalpo, Tao Te Ching

Systems investigated;

Pythagorean numerology, tarot, rune-casting, I-Ching, scrying, esoteric metaphysics (multiple schools), AQAL theory,

Practices routinely engaged;

Mindfulness meditation (Self-awareness) – Dzogchen, Tantra Yoga (includes asana, karma, raja, jnana and bhakt), divination, automatic writing and drawing/painting, telepathic communication, communion with source of all that is, psychoanalysis, philosophical and metaphysical studies and research, journalling, spontaneous shamanic practices, Kundalini (light-body) activation, cyber-shamanism (self-developed system), ‘AQAL’ analysis.

One Comment

  1. Dear Glistening, I am following your emergence even though I am not participating much. We are on parallel, reinforcing paths. Wish I have many more hours each day and a few more decades ahead. The news is both very good and very bad – so we live in great uncertainty, both for today, tomorrow and the next decade. Both what we do and what we experience and feel about ourselves are important.

    With Love and Respect, Larry/nuet



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