Cybershamanism in Practice

Entering The Shaman’s Realm


The realm of a practising undercover shaman is likely to begin with what looks like impassable obstacles – however – remain undeterred, there is a reason for moving through these things,

you, and I, are meant to go there, we have been called and we are responding.


We take our hearts wide open, along the paths to sacred places, both obvious and seemingly unlikely.

Fearlessly and with love we walk these sacred paths of our calling.


Simply honouring that which has come before, that which perseveres to remind us of where we have been as a species on this planet, is an offering of gratitude and respect for the purpose that calls us to these ‘power points’ on the surface of the earth.



Filled with awe at the majesty of the planet which supports us WE GIVE THANKS.


Responding to the Call

In 2014 I was called by spirit through an unlikely convergence of individuals and events, to attend to winter solstice ceremony in South Africa. A group including myself spent a week engaged in ceremonies and rituals. The Winter Solstice ceremony was held at an ancient initiation site, where the oldest known standing stones on the planet watch over the tomb of an ancient giant king . According to a recent google map of the site – it is now permanently closed – go figure….





your thoughts?

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