Long Term Planet?


Long term thinking (i.e 10, 50, 100, 1000 yrs) planning and evaluation is necessary for the continued success of life on earth. Taking the Long View will become the most valued human capability. Engaging the human population through fun and learning, challenging the intellect and skills, and providing appropriate opportunities to participate enjoyably and effectively in the life of the whole is paramount to successfully embarking on a trajectory in this direction. This process could be called the Long Game for it will provide entertaining, educational, and functional skills based recognition to those who engage with it, and they will be rewarded with satisfying positions in the social structure which supports their needs, and the needs of others. This is a game which can be played for life without boredom or repetition.

This idea is being explored in greater depth here along with a proposal for a planet wide, trans-disciplinary research project which aims to develop a knowledge base from which this “Long Game” strategy can be developed and implemented. Fellows and funding actively sought.

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  1. How this may be done has been one of my challenges for over five decades. There are so many versions, but little to no interaction between these attempts. If you haven’t encountered Stewart Brand’s The Long Now Foundation: http://longnow.org/people/board/sb1/ I never got involved with them.

    I still believe my explorations on UPLIFT, Cultural/Societal Metamorphosis, Seafing Semfields, OLLO+, etc. is a good place to start. Note that the goal of this is the multi-millennial survival/thrival of Humanity/Gaia. I actually prefer multi-billennial, although “singularity” issues blocks much concrete speculation. See Vernor Vinge: http://www.frc.ri.cmu.edu/~hpm/book98/com.ch1/vinge.singularity.html

    The long future requires a deep re-examination of ideas about our long past and the Here&Now. I claim that our best knowledge about who we are and how we change is quite incomplete and with many inaccuracies. This “critical evaluation” includes all critiques of our existing knowledge, including my own. Forecasting from this “present” is both foolish and dangerous.

    What has disappointed me the most is my inability to share the fantastic beauty and elegance, wonder and accomplishment in our potential metamorphosis and future beyond. Instead of trying to fix a dying humankind or imagining a slow recovery from the ashes is not an attractive undertaking. One of our primary difficulties is our inability to imagine ourselves as infants, or even embryonic – trying to emerge/birth. As I read the new book, Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, if find hints of many of my ideas mentioned, but with their potential significance missed.

    Contemporary science devotes far too much effort attempting to refute that humankind is a significant break in biological evolution; this blocks viable scientific-level exploration of emergence-vs-transformation, including how our visual languages liberates information from ALL prior embeddment in matter/energy structures. Many very practical actions could come from this recognition. Our interaction with our semfields have yet to include creative intention.

    The conceptual schemes involved in our Long Future have hundreds of independent variables, while our still tribal mind/brains are limited to consider only a few in “realtime” cognition. We are blinded by our consciousness. This mode of discourse is another limiting feature.

    Glistening, thanks for sparking me our of my routines. Larry/nuet



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