Direction Frame.

Excerpts from research paper in progress:

When we are able to recognise that the planet itself has a destiny, to which we are a contributing factor, questions of what is and what is not appropriate action have a frame of reference that potentially enhances and supports future-worthy decision making processes. When we understand ourselves as integral parts of an infinitely larger process, becoming as fully informed as possible before making decisions which effect all life, and are designed to benefit the whole system, becomes the common sense method for leadership in all fields of human endeavour. What springs from this is willingness to make the commitment required to perform leadership service with integrity and demonstrable responsibility. Leaders will gain pride from having created a legacy worthy of remembrance.

Considering the whole system as an entity takes the pressure off individuals who may or may not be capable of handling their powerful roles in a globally responsible manner in the current version of human civilisation.



  1. Glisten, while I like your words, I find your image disturbing. Our economy is at the center of the whole? This is econo-centrism, possibly our most dangerous ideology – IMO.

    With humans a part of the whole, the human economy should be but part of the outer ring, the support system. Your image is a good model of our current, highly dysfunctional societal system. Was this your intention?

    I also resist ideas that there is one, central core – a most important domain. It may be interdependency itself, not the different items that are interdependent, that is most central.

    Becoming “fully informed” is dependent on many systems, including the learning requisite to be able to properly process the information, as well as having access to it..

    These ideologies are so deeply engrained in our lifestyles.



    1. I take your point Larry, and we do have a problem in that currently we are behaving as if the economy was the central element of importance. The picture came from a web search of the terms “planetary being” – disturbing?
      All the more reason to engage the process of divining the viable alternatives.



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