What I do.


I spend most of my time studying, reading, contemplating various theories and practicing methodologies developed specifically for the attainment of penetrative insight into the nature of reality, I do this in a creative and actively experimental manner .


Experience constantly reminds me of my own existence. I want to understand what makes this so. I am curious, creative, intuitive, imaginative and intellectual all at the same time. I imagine that I will derive some measure satisfaction from becoming aware of, and embodying knowledge of, the nature of the situation in which it seems I find myself, and in which it appears that others also find themselves. Some of the information I have received in the course of my life asserts that all beings could benefit if my continued dedication to activities in this area is fruitful.

My imagination asserts that there is a purpose for the lives we live, and that part of the purpose for the life I am living is to grasp the nature of reality well enough that all beings do indeed benefit. So when I take up a book of ancient wisdom, or listen to a developing theory of synthesis between the ancient wisdom and modern sciences, or follow the latest researchers in physics, biology, genetics, technology, humanities, economics and creativity – I do so in order to integrate these aspects into a holistic understanding that may serve the future in ways that are beneficial.

My own personal opinions are becoming less relevant to my pursuit. Clarity and capacity to render intelligible insights into universal principles as they apply to daily life is the focus of my practice. This seems to be a life practice, and I will follow the flow of information wherever it may lead using the ever growing capacities for clarity and perspicacity that are developing as a result – there is a living dynamic in the field to which I have perceptual access, which informs my direction, I will endeavour to do justice to it as have so many who have gone before. I draw deep inspiration from what I perceive to be the potentials unfolding through humanity – and I do so even while evidence of suffering and degradation abound.

Thank you for being interested enough to read this šŸ™‚


your thoughts?

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