Eye of the beholder.

Be kind to the situation, look upon it with a loving eye. This is the living universe that you are witnessing unfolding, through you, around you and everywhere/when. This is a context worthy or respectful awe – no matter what seems to be manifesting.
The influence of ones eye cannot be underestimated in the rendering of the information it receives – be clear about the shape and nature of the lens through which perceptions pass – this is the greatest contribution one can make.

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  1. Very interesting insights, new to me: PERCEPTION IS ACTION: PERCEPTUAL MOMENTS ARE “ENTITIES” (SITUATIONS) in an ontological REALITY.

    In Quantum Theory, every observation effects the observed. In QT, OBSERVATION is the more critical ACTION-TO-CHANGE (interesting?) than an action following observation. Interesting, on reflection, QT says nothing about intentional action. The primary events in QT are observations. Setting up an experiment is action, but is treated from a classical frame.

    The “space-time” of quantum processes is NOT the whole physical universe, but a virtual reality established by the mathematics. The so-called “Correspondence Principles” of of the Quantum/Classical interface is MUCH MORE than the conventional aspect of classical not observing quantum weirdness. There are wildly different “contexts re universe”. This thinking was recently triggered by reading somethings by John Ringland.

    Must we distinguish between 1) the act of observation, in its full complexity, 2) the conscious experience related to the observation, and 3) the interpretation and re-actions to interpretations.

    What is the “architecture” of a “reality” with these attributes?

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