Meta-systemic musings.

In conversation with a number of futurists and theorists about what we need to DO, I had this concise revelation, putting it here for future reference:

While I understand the argument for considering [metaphorical anthropomorphic meta-perspective] an ego-like relationship between power structures and populations, I disagree that this perspective gives more insight that taking account of “people doing things”, actually, the behaviour, connections and interactions are exactly what any emergent higher order of organisation is comprised of, from the co-operative effort of cells to maintain the order of multi-cellular organisms such as ourselves, without which we would cease to exist, to discussing analogous meta-systems of human design. Across the spectrum from micro to macro, patterns, flows and interaction dynamics are the structure of what ever system we are describing. In the case of the “whole planetary system” the human factor, and the incorporated beings that are emerging from human collective behaviours are in essence formed of myriad interactions between individuals that have become habituated to a particular systemic matrix. This can change.

For my part, I conjecture that the “whole planetary system” is undergoing metamorphosis into a metastable state which bears little resemblance to the patterns of life on earth that we have known to date. A whole systems integration and synthesis of organism and technology with their attendant life-support systemic requirements will emerge as a massively distributed, self-aware, sentient entity in the form of the whole system itself (all of which I have scant evidence of by the measure of the times we are in, however, when I take a deep look into the future I see things).

Here is an intro to system dynamics that may help unpack the above assertion:

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