How and Why “Conscious” Festivals Need to Change

Great analysis and suggestions about what we can do better – what we can do instead, and how we can get from here to there.

How and Why “Conscious” Festivals Need to Change.

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  1. Thank you, Glisten. Humburto’s post is an excellent promo for UPLIFT and the need for Societal Metamorphosis. The image with Bucky says it all: TransFORMation is Imposssible. BUT, except for the good suggestion of funneling money for Burning Man into crowdsourcing for a more relevant project, he states OBJECTIVES with no suggestion of what steps are needed to achieve those objectives. Humberto is not alone, ALL proposals for relevant change only state objectives. Explicit processes to achieve those objectives remain in our blindspot. See my latest blog post:

    I put myself in the blindspot. I have gone into great detail about the STRATEGY/SCENARIO processes AFTER an initial cyberteam develops an OLLO perspective/process. How to create that initial cyberteam remains only an objective. I personally bounce around trial balloons but none, have as yet, taken root. [OLLO – Organizing-for-Learning=&=Learning-for-Organizing]

    Designing/Constructing Scaffolding for Strategy/Scenario development is a meta-process. Meta-process may be impossible for individuals to adequately perform, it may require cyberteams. I play with meta-process, but don’t perform them – as do you and all others with whom I interact. This is a chicken/egg dilemma; which doesn’t mean it can’t be resolved – but only with explicit attention to the need. Most of my recent blog posts address this issue.

    INSIGHT HERE&NOW: Humans are good at generating strategies/scenarios for “small” projects that start from the Here&Now. Such “small” projects may grow (galdee) with cycles of strategy/scenario development. All such project unfolding occurs within a context that is usually unconscious, assumed and expected not to change fundamentally. Today, it is the whole holarchy of nested/networked contexts that must be changed (transFORMed or replaced). Individuals may be unable to accomplish this. SysNets of Cyberteams may be needed. Can we create cyberteams with requisite competencies BEFORE we attempt to change the whole. That is, can we identify requisite competencies without having to detail the state of humankind that will emerge from application of those competencies? Is this calling for working within a process ontology before considering an existential ontology?

    Glisten, I will edit and post the above in my blog and then send the url to Humberto.

    Thanks again, Larry



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