Sanity option – Hope for the future.


James Greyson outlines a set of implementable strategies by which the human species may rescue the future and experience viable quality of life for all on earth. The conclusion to his introduction states:

“The flood of problems, locally, regionally and globally, already exceeds the capacity of researchers, policy-makers and the wider society to cope. The strategy of handling problems one at a time, a bit at a time, has not worked and cannot work. The solutions are not to be found where they are being sought, within the narrow territory of each symptom. Time is short but a new strategy is available: it is the ‘system’ that must be fixed, not all the separate symptoms. The boundaries of what is realistic need not be set by the struggles of the past nor current economic conditions. What is possible must match what is necessary. Habits of thought, world-views and economic rules-of-the-game can be switched from accelerating the planet crunch to reversing it. The goal of global security, implemented by the proposed policy switches, offers the possibility of future stability, security and prosperity. These switches redirect attention from the daunting list of changes that would be seen if things were working, to the manageable list of changes to make things work. This is not academic nor complicated and if acted upon people would soon wonder why it wasn’t done long ago.”

See James’ website to engage with the whole series of documents presented at NATO Advanced Research Workshop. Split, Croatia 17th-19th June 2009. Published for the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme by Springer, Sept 2010. Publisher’s link (paywall), slides, author’s copy of published full paper, event pdf, previous discussion on, discussion group Fixing Systems Not Symptoms, TEDx talk, Planet Levers project – collaborators welcome!

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