Now What?

Global corporate governance is inherently incapable of taking into account the needs of the people upon whom it depends, albeit currently in a parasitic manner. The ‘parasite’ is threatening the well being of it’s host, which is a sub-optimal situation for all concerned. Across all sectors of civil society, the intrinsic rights of individuals are being swiftly eroded, and the inherent responsibilities of governance are being hastily discarded. This is a dangerous situation, and we are on a slippery slope right now.

The corrupting power of the prevailing profit at any price paradigm is threatening the viability of life on this planet. The time we are in are is call to action in itself.


What is most needed now, in my humble opinion, is the capacity to imagine something different, something which has not been effectively tried before, that which is so out of the current paradigmatic box that it is still invisible to most even when it appears amongst us. Some examples of what I feel can empower humanity to climb out of the grave it is digging for itself are already arising in response to the difficulties imposed upon us by the mighty and deadly dangerous “powers that be”.

In Australia, with the most recent change of government, we are experiencing the fastest slide into a fascist state in our short history. Some events in response to this situation are heartening examples of what is possible when we are forced to think and act outside the box. When the government recently stopped funding for the Climate Council the public appeal for funds to keep this vital scientific body alive has seen the first citizen-direct-funded national research body ever in existence. This is an important precedent, there are many other necessary public resources which the government is laying waste to which will need to accomplish a similar model if we are to continue to benefit from their existence. Also, there are aspects of governance which are simply not catered to and need to be created and sustained by the people, for the people – lest we suffer the consequences of their non-existence.

To save ourselves from certain mass enslavement at the hands of a corporate military global control system, and to prevent to irreversible toxification of our only inhabitable planet, we MUST effectively self organise. It may be too late for all I know, however, while there is any hope for a future with any quality of life at all, there is an imperative to act, to create the social systems and interaction structures, to dis-embed from the prevailing consensus trance, and to begin the task of living and working together in new ways, to save all our asses. I understand that if you have read this far, you most likely already get it. So, please lets all get acquainted, and agree to work together on creating a framework that allows us to effectively co-operate, interact, and provide systemic structures that account for and address the needs of the many – before it’s too late.



  1. I’ve been quite disturbed by the directions of the Australian government, working against the majority of its citizens, and Gaia. As you point out, it is typical everywhere.

    Glisten, the alternative you seek,in rough draft already exists, in my UPLIFT program towards Societal Metamorphosis. I would welcome a competitor vision/mission. Until another emerges, might UPLIFT be properly critiqued, rather than ignored. If you find it lacking, please inform me why.

    My recent blog post on IWrlds and cWrlds has, surprising to me, aroused some attention. That we cannot influence the future by conceptual information alone is a hard pill to swallow. You have always recognized the insufficiency of conceptualization – but IMO you want to replace it by visualization (as does Alan Yelsey, which,to nuet, is counter productive.

    Many call for a new vision/mission. I have asked: IN WHAT FORM WILL IT APPEAR? Will we recognize it when it appears? I have proposed that what we are waiting for will appear in our blind spot.

    Flo/Larry/nuet, a weird savant, has worked for five decades attempting to compose what is now needed, It is only an offering, not a command to follow. Even those who have respected Larry, avoid consideration of his proposal. Reject if after evaluation, but don’t ignore it.

    Glisten, our rapid slide to oblivion scares me. I suffer each day keeping abreast of the worst. I refuse to ignore the pain of my brothers and sisters. This is not a war between GOOD & EVIL. It is a consequence of too rapid evolution. No one is to blame, but many have to change their ways.

    So much effort is devoted to transformation that easily could be redirected towards creative emergence, if that option were in our sight. Human nature and Humankind are not as we believe. We are simultaneously more limited and have much greater potential.

    I am in deep transition, but continue to compose conceptual text even when I know it is very limited. I imagine a more intimate and deep network of personal relationships, between iWrlds/cWrlds. This will “work” only if such nu networking spreads. I view contemporary network relations and bonds as light and superficial – some deeper than others – but few (maybe none) viable as needed.

    BOTH, attention to our intimate binary relationships in seafing networks and strategy planning at Planetary/Decade levels are needed.

    Off to water plants. flo/Larry/nuet



    1. Larry, I am most definitely not ignoring UPLIFT. The limitation of your particular conceptual schemata is it’s lack of clear and concise meta-systemic overview through which the intricate details could be accessed and understood possibly via a process of guided inquiry. Over the years of reading your writing, I find much that inspires my own process in imagining and developing navigation aids through the whole-system and collective cognitive conceptual landscape. Much of what you write is being established as practice, albeit under other titles, through communities of capably concerned minds. My own work seeks to discover and make visible these developments, as well as attempting to illustrate my intuitions on what could happen if these many aspects of something greater were to realise themselves as such.

      The problem for most folks in encountering your work is its lack of accessibility and high level coherence. I know from meeting with you and from our many interactions over the years, that this coherence is present in your mind, and that your writing springs from it, however, the times call for a more structured approach, that delivers the potency of the works essence into the collective field of emergent possibilities in such a way that it can be integrated into the collective understanding and enacted such that the collective understanding shifts. This is easy to say, and not so easy to do, so this is not a criticism, but rather a critique, as you requested.

      What I am seeing is this: many schemes for on-boarding participants without actually offering the necessary scaffolding to support any kind of truly emergent outcome. This can only be addressed by experimentation with smaller groups who are willing to attain the competence to actually participate. Once the groundwork has been done – and believe me it is well under way – then, it can be translated into the many “languages” required so that it can “land on the ground” with the diversity of humanity already present on this globe. So, instead of folks coming at me with yet another recruitment drive for [whatever undefined purpose] I am truly grateful for practice proposals which offer real opportunities to develop requisite competencies. This you have pointed out Larry, and for that I am grateful, because of your visionary capacity, I, no doubt among others, have had my eyes opened enough to recognise these things clearly when they arise, and to identify when that is not what is on offer.

      Also vital to realise is the massively distributed nature of this initial sprouting of potential across the vastness of the field. Each of us so blessed with an inkling of what is happening will see and describe this phenomena in different ways, because the instance we see are diverse and unique to their particular niche. Seeing the overall pattern and illustrating that pattern is an art form in its early infancy.

      Be assured that even though the content you create may be inaccessible to many, it is of inestimable value to the few who actually do “get it”.

      Blessings to you and your family brother.



  2. I just completed a positive comment, but the screen flashed, all that are in the above was gone and this appeared in a little window by itself: “Sorry, this comment could not be posted.” Got back here because I had saved the url.

    Will try to reconstruct later. Larry



  3. That is sad Larry, I hate it when that happens. I have found constructing replies in a text editor and copy/paste posting is far safer, perhaps try incorporating that into your work flows to prevent future incidents like that.



  4. I usually do as you recommend. What I am drafting as my major response is composing on my hard drive at this time. What was jlost intended to be a short note acknowledgement, which got longer than I intended. Like this note, which will be short. I like the cloud but don’t trust it. More later.



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