Co-creating a new way.

From little things, big things grow.

From humble beginnings, on a conversation thread among friends on Facebook in September 2013

~ real action and commitment to creating actual mechanisms and methodologies which can facilitate widespread, informed, people driven changes ~

This is what needs to be discussed, and developed. Bigger than any one of us, more powerful than any existing power structure, more life affirming than all of human history. This is a conversation where *really* listening to one another may mean the difference between life and death for billions of living beings.

How is listening done? What practices might best empower the process?

An idea has  formed into a seed, a seed which is set to sprout a root into the Earth in South Africa at the winter solstice of 2014. During this time of deep introspection, a core team of inspired volunteers will converge upon the site of earliest human activity that is accessible to us today, and set an intention – to truly co-create the possibility of embracing the new. A deep listening, an honouring, a learning journey, will commence.


This initial meeting, and dedication ceremony sows the seed for our mutual vision, inspired by the calling of the times themselves. WE are responding to a very real need for human voices to be listened to, and heard. For humans to be empowered in their self determination, and in the necessary effort to reclaim the future of this irreplaceable planet from the tyranny of corporatocracy. We are willing to listen to the voices less often heard, and to seek counsel from those who’s wisdom is missing in our systems of governance and decision making. WE are seeking the voices of women everywhere as a way to start a global conversation about how a sane and thrivable future may emerge.

The still point in the turning of our beloved mother Earth will mark the beginning of our venture, to facilitate and empower the voices of love, compassion, understanding, and above all, sanity for our collective future as living beings. This little seed will grow over time, and flourish in the soil of our fertile imaginations, to become a means by which WE can influence the trajectory of our collective future in generative and life affirming ways. In order for us to realise this vision, our skills, knowledge, humility, wisdom and compassion will be tested and improved, the systems we use to achieve a worthwhile future will also be tested, and evolved. We can chose to use the best methods available, to educate ourselves and to set an example of what is possible, so inspiring others to participate in co-creating a future worth living in.

Through respect for generations yet to come, and in honour of our children living today who have inherited a mess that we don’t know how to address, let this be our motivation to succeed.


your thoughts?

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