Thrivability – Chapters 9 & 10

Magellan Courses

Quotes from the text:

Creating Together With Games, and, Action Spectrum

  • Gamification takes what we know about human behaviour – as individuals or in groups – and develops metrics and feedback to guide us through a course of action.
  • Creating a thrivable world will require significant gamification. Rather than forcing people to move away from what we have – to sacrifice what they treasure and give up their current ways of living – we need to incentivize action toward the world we want.
  • .. zero-sum game mentality shows up in our behaviour toward each other. Do we act as is my having something means you cant have it? It puts us in a competitive mindset, and we behave like opponents. Take any dualism, and make them duel it out.
  • It may be possible for people to play the games with the abilities they have, but if they dont believe they…

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