Thrivbility Ch. 5 & 6

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Magellan Courses

Chapter 5 – Irrational People Care, shows that human nature is not what we have been led to assume, and points us in the direction of taking personal responsibility for our part to play in the world. It takes a look at the fact that people are all doing what they believe is right at any given time, even though conflicts arise.

We are asked to consider changing the narrative around the nature of the times we are in by using the emerging story to inspire design for contingencies currently not seen as priorities.

  • It turns out that humans are wired to be kind and that being helpful, being helped. Or even witnessing someone being helped triggers … feelings of ‘elevation’ which not only uplift us but can also be contagious.
  • We are not standalone beings. We are not as disconnected from each other as we might have believed. Our…

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