Thrivability Chapters 7 & 8.

End of Part II – Beginning of Part III.

Magellan Courses


Excerpts from this weeks reading:

7 – Metrics and Data Evolutions.

  • The whole reason we accumulate data is to see ourselves more clearly. Data offers up a mirror to hold up to ourselves to to see how we and our world are doing and to help us make intentional choices, even as a collective.
  • Data – particularly visually represented data – is part of a feedback loop. It may be a positive self-reinforcing feedback loop or a negative feedback loop.
  • Who is collecting the data affects what data is collected, how it is presented, and this what impact the information has.
  • … as people get control of their own information flows, they have greater power to make informed decisions about actions they want to take. A more thrivable world emerges when people have greater access to the information they need and have greater power collectively over the flows of that…

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