Thrivability Ch. 3 & 4

The learning and sharing continues – inspiring and challenging at the same time.

Magellan Courses

Some excerpts from this weeks reading to stimulate conversation – I will return to add more commentary later in the week – Big Love and Blessings of the festive season to all aboard Magellan, and all who read this post.


Chapter 3:

  • To develop a fuller story, we can look both more broadly and more deeply. Whether we are moving through a large frame of time or space, zooming out too see a bigger picture enables us to produce a better map of the world we are telling a story about.
  • We want to see ourselves in the centre, the dominant object in the foreground – not because we think we are the centre of the universe, but because we engage from where we are on tasks we feel are within our reach.
  • … it is not our perception of the duration of time or our capcity to manage projects…

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