Thrivability Ch. 1&2

Thoughts in progress related to the book “Thrivability – Breaking Through to a World that Works” by Jean Russell.

Magellan Courses

What follows are excerpts that really stand out for me from the text interspersed with some thoughts they aroused in me;

I invite you to rewrite the story that you tell about your own life. And from there, consider how we can together re-write a new collective story that each of us can contribute to.

The way we are embedded in the society as it is, the conditioning that growing up in the world, and being educated in the systems that existed when we arrived have all informed our capacity to interpret and imagine possibilities has created an implicit context in which experiencing life is set. Perhaps an aspect of rewriting my personal story is to go back through my previous experiences and ‘edit’ (without allowing myself to become delusional or to slip in to denial) the way I interpret those experiences, to look again, through a different lens as…

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  1. Glisten, I’ve read Jean’s book, listened to your first audio conference and give my thoughts stimulated by your thoughts here. Larry/nuet

    Unfolding, to me, implies a deterministic becoming of what was destined to be. Most trends unfolding define our real societal environment within which we will creatively weave nu worlds. What is new will be created, not unfolded. In Darwin’s time the term “evolution” was used to label unfolding as in the unfolding in embryological development from fertilized egg to baby. This was not the process proposed by Darwin and Wallace, a stochastic process. This contributed to the difficulty for the new ideas to be accepted, because of the unfolding connotation to the term.

    The future is NOT ALREADY HERE, it is for us to create. Not everything from scratch; we will creatively weave old themes with some new themes. Humans seem to have a high propensity to need the security of determinism; probably because most would like life to more stable than it is. Thinking about a better future IS ALREADY HERE and the momentum builds (as also resistance builds). The outcome is quite uncertain, meaning it CAN BE POSSIBLE in contrast to the scary trends.

    Everyone CAN’T become a leader; each CAN contribute in their own ways. Everyone must come to accept both their limitations and talents. Leaders “make it” through the competencies of those who are “led”. I am not sure “leadership” is the proper metaphor for the dynamics of our emergent agency.

    We CONTRIBUTE to the writing of our stories. To attempt to be sole authors leads to radical individualism – possibly the most dangerous myth of our times. There is a large difference between others writing our story and we being co-authors of our interwoven stories.

    Those who imagine options often act as if others can’t also have options; or options are often proposed as competitive. Might the field of options we imagine be limited by “universal” assumptions, which we must discover and transcend?



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