Future-able planet; pre-requisites.

Thought experiment.

What would be the minimum prerequisites for an effective, long term,  life affirming, planetary inhabitants guidance system?


Some obvious things come to mind:

Mature, psychologically sound, functionally communicative adult human beings capable of, and willing to, take into consideration all necessary fields of inquiry pertinent to the well being, and ongoing interdependence of life support systems on this Earth. Until such time as sufficient numbers of such capable beings are safely established in positions of authority with the power to direct the combined resources of planetary systems toward alternatives, the focus of all responsible, mature human  beings needs to be on getting such a social, humanistic state of affairs established.

There are innumerable possible future scenarios currently being imagined by some of the most well funded creative minds on the planet, unfortunately at present the focus of their attention is being absorbed by the potential to make profits through entertaining folks with scenes of morbidity and forecasts of doom. I posit that the same processes deployed in alternative ways could be used to inspire and recondition the minds of enough of humanity that the above mentioned systemic imperative can be addressed seriously by enough folks to make a meaningful and noticeable start in that direction.

There are already numerous independent initiatives working toward raising awareness of the need for change, for the development of an alternative to the current corrupt and heavily biased, globally suicidal system. These initiatives are currently relatively isolated from one another and are under resourced, leading to difficulties in implementation of even the most innovative, viable ideas for rectifying some of the biggest threats to a future-able planet. If these many and various initiatives could be successfully networked such that their combined influence became an undeniable force for ‘good’ in the world, channelling sufficient resources of many kinds toward initially stabilising, and eventually revolutionising the human impact on existing planetary systems.

All of the above are necessary conditions for any attempts to become a space-faring race, with the potential for interstellar travel and future proliferation of the species and its accumulated genius. It seems logical to attempt a “round up” of representatives of the current multitudes of disparate initiatives in order to assess the viability of such a proposal.

Given the failure of imagination in governments worldwide, and the apparent corporate domination of economic and resource management, manufacturing and waste handling systems, not to mention corporate encroachment of food, water and other essential supply chains, it would make sense to influence corporate leadership strategies and directions toward a viable, generative, inclusive, long-term future-for-all  style of ethical aspiration.

Brainstorm in progress as usual – comments welcome.

your thoughts?

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