Excerpts from “Puzzling People”

“the labyrinth of the psychopath” by Thomas Sheridan

A psychopath can be someone as basic as a slacker-type wastrel who looks for an easy life living off someone else’s labours – usually an elderly relative, or a mind-controlled spouse or partner. They may not have an interest in taking anyone’s money directly, per se – it is the power they feel from controlling the perceptions of others that remains the sum total of their parasitic ambitions.


Once they have a free roof over their heads, food in the refrigerator, heating in winter, and – more importantly – are not expected to do anything to contribute toward the mortgage and utility bills, then they are content with this arrangement. If the enabler becomes ill and cannot take care of the psychopath any longer, the psychopathic parasite simply finds another host to take over this role. … The key thing all psychopaths have in common is power over the perception of others.

A psychopath sees empathy as a flaw and compassion as a weakness – flaws and weaknesses they then attempt to exploit for their own purposes.

… all psychopaths are always, constantly bored.

Psychopaths feed on the emotions of others.

They cannot and will not perform any kind of self-observation because they have no sense of self beyond the reactions they evoke in others.

Indicators of psychopathy:

– have strange sleep patterns.
– they blame every problem they have in their lives on someone else.
– are boastful and self-praising, despite initially placing you on a much higher pedestal.
– unconvincing emotional responses.
– superficial surface level knowledge of just about everything, yet lack any real insightful or expert knowledge into any one particular subject.
– align themself with belif packages in order to proclaim moral or intellectual superiority.
– intolerant of fringe sunjects.
– ridicule and try to reform [others thinking].
– done almost nothing with their lives apart from living off enablers.
– constant supply of ‘poor me’ stories.
– persona change when they become intensely angry at a third party and then switch back again.
– claimed all their previousl relationships ended due exclusively to the faults/abuse/problems/infidelity of the other party.
– make incredibly ambitious plans and then change or abandon them halfway through or never actually started them at all.
– repeat the same anecdotes constantly – sometimes almost on cue.
– prefer masturbation to lovemaking.
– have this notion that they are entitled to the best of everything without having to earn it.
– never say ‘thank you’ nor show genuine appreciation for favours done with any real conviction.
– interrupt you while you are speaking and complete your sentences with the outcome they determined and not what you were going to state.
– are secretly bi-sexual.
– ridicule and intensely criticise a product, store, restaurant, viewpoint, style, taste in music, travel and art which you enjoy, then only to witness them later on at some point aligning themselves with these same tastes and interests they mockingly condemned when you had expressed your enjoyment of them.

Indications you may be a target:

– abused, neglected, unloved by a parent.
– sensitive to emotional external stimuli, such as hearing certain music, or viewing a certain artwork which can bring you to tears.
– have a parent who was an alcoholic.
– have a history of rescuing stray or injured animals.
– have a strong desire to love and be loved.
– are humbly unaware of your own soecial talents and abilities.
– give other people the benfit of the doubt.
-presently estranged from your children due to divorce.
– generally independent and self-supporting.

This is how psychopaths function and operate; it is their way or the highway every time.

If we overtly project the unconditional nurturer image to the rest of the world, then the predator will come calling.

The instinctual moral compass which you once had inside you has had it’s needle removed by mass-media and marketing and replaced with superficial targets you are told to aspire to…

The psychopaths who rule the world are no different in this respect than the ones you meet in the local singles bars. Human emotional life is a pointless and absurd condition to them, and so they want to do away with it. This is why media is being used more and more to encourage and foster psychopathic behaviour in otherwise normal people. They are not making psychopaths out of non-psychopaths per se – they are manipulating otherwise decent people to emulate psychopathic traits and then to view these traits as the norm.

… you must be willing to change, to grow and discover how complete you are in yourself, and accept that relationships should enhance your experience rather than fill some part of you that you thought was missing.

This is the crux of, and the underlying message of this book: We we have to come to terms with what ever ‘need’ existed in our worldview and in our psychological, emotional and spiritual makeup that convinced us we were somehow incompete as souls, thus attracting the psychopathic experience into our lives.

– classic psychopathic projecting, imposing their own personal shortcomings upon the rest of humanity.

The psychopath in the middle of a project can suddenly switch to something else for no apparent reason and completely out of the blue, their previous ‘vital, highly important’ project discarded as though it never existed to begin with.

The psychopath will then talk down at you as if it was your fault for not validating their visionary genius, hence why it didn’t work out …

The utopian psychopath on his mission to save the world while containing the human race within communities of the future is single-minded in their deisre to design and control sci-fi inspired cities, meglamaniac concepts and soulless, inhuman, unnatural environments for us to be herded into.

All “planned communities” are an expression of someone elses pathoogy at some point along the conceptual chain.
The utopian psychopath claims to care about nature and then wants to save the world from the impact of humans. What is most telling about this viewpoint is that humans are not considered natural or part of nature by the psychopathic control grid.

How to remove your energy from a psychopath who stole it.

1. Find a quiet comfortable room with no interruptions.
2. Relax and pay attention to your heartbeat.
3. Imagine that you life force is a twinkling sparklingly coloured light or radiant mist.
4. Now think of some of your life force trapped inside the DNA of the psychopath who stole it from you.
5. Imagine this light leaving their body as a ball and travelling back from any distance, back into your own living energy.

As soon as you get wise to their scams, the on-tap crocodile tears, the gaslightling, the devaluing, the word salad, the mimicry, the lies, the inconsitenceies, the cruelty, the selective memory, and – if all that fails – the arrogant indignation, you will be able to say and mean it, “they are so predictable.”

The psychopath or sociopath has been represented throughout history, either as a metaphor or allegory, in the guise of the demon, the djinn, the succubus, the vampire and the werewolf.

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