This place on Earth.

I have a potential living-lab, collaboratory in the making right here where I live. With empty rooms in my apartment and a community garden under construction. The resources are in place, and I am preparing to welcome my first collaborators 🙂


And what? you may ask, are we planning to collaborate on?

The development and practice of methods of interaction that engender the possible emergence of a more harmonious and sane civilisational structure, that’s what!

This will be a major opportunity to collaborate on research and development of the cognitive and emotional capacities required to guide this type of collective transformation. This will be an experience worth documenting as we live and breathe that which is emerging in response to the rapidly accelerating needs of our species for improved models of collective generative action.

Please feel free to approach me directly for more information or with expressions of interest with regard to this project 🙂


  1. Our initial collaborators have enjoyed the experience, sharing an ever expanding vista of insights and understandings into what it takes to be a creative community. Our focus has been very much on scalable cybernetic systems which enhance the quality of the human experience of being in the world. This work continues, and invites new collaborative partners in early 2013.



  2. Glisten, thanks for being a cybernetically supercharged co-worker. My wife and I greatly enjoyed the room, a most hospitable home as well.

    Our sessions with the whiteboards, and me listening to you talk (and sometimes John) was mindblowing. You’ve an inspired perspective concerning the future of humanity and it was a blessing to learn more about it. So glad that our minds were able to entangle in this tropical haven.

    There is so much more to be said about the work and let’s make an effort to continue our collaborations in the digital realms. I recommend others to come and stay with you, and to help advance this critical interdisciplinary work you’ve dedicated your life to.


    Dan RD & Joanna



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