What I am doing!

* The Magellan Courses

I will be attending the retreat by subsidised placement.

* MetaCogs, Meta-cognitive alignment of Information Systems, I am administering this initiative as well as convening the think tanks.

* Pattern Dynamics –  with Tim Winton, I am administering a peer learning network around the learning of this method.

* Peer Learning Networks  I am using this methodology to convene a peer learning network called MetaCogs.

* Esoteric Metaphysics  I have been engaged in independent research at this site for three years. I administer this site.

* Integral Theory and Practice – I am studying and contributing feedback for the pilot study program at Core Integral. I have studied various offerings from the Integral Institute which has evolved in several directions, I am currently focussed on this branch https://metaintegral.org/

* The HUMAN Project ,  I am supporting the development of concepts for this project.


Analysis of the Evolution of Structures of Consciousness,

Potential Trajectories for Civilisational Transformation,

Assessment of Process of Meta-Paradigmatic Cohesion,

Example of Non-dual practice of being.

In a nutshell I am a high integrity futurist on a mission to ensure all beings are liberated from suffering as soon and as elegantly as possible. Great description here of what I am and do!



Publish “Matrix Gate” book

Publish “Seeds of Change” card deck and guidebook


* Work with Bonnitta Roy to model and embody emerging structures of consciousness

* Work with Ria Baeck to bring the collective presencing process in to a shareable format

* Work with John Kellden to bring the Conversation Lab Method Cards process into a digitally shareable format.

* Work with Alan Yelsey to develop visualisations of processes which support and enhance generative group dynamics.

* Work with Venessa Miemis to develop conscious development mentoring processes.

* Work with Arthur Brock and the Emerging Leader Labs model.

your thoughts?

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