Interfacing Experiential/Philosophical Musings.

by Glistening Deepwater on Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Opening, in the moment-to-moment, to the intimate felt-sense of being-given-rise-to, allows for the free flow of information through the unit vehicle (individual or group). This may be expressed and experienced in myriad ways.

It seems to me that the ‘individual’ capacity to be a clarified and consciously available conduit for the communicative needs of the moment, in any given situation, will allow for the spontaneous arising of the relevant flow of ‘language’ appropriate to that.

Like being in a deeply meditative state whilst simultaneously being engaged in the interactive context. The free flow of creative imaginaries can emerge unimpeded, as if the universe is simply communicating with itself 🙂

In this way ‘we’ become the representation of that which is arising, momemt-to-moment. Embedded in that which is, as sentient, self-reflexive nodes in an emerging holonic integration of consciousness and meta-cognition, which will develop the capacity to self-reflect……………..

your thoughts?

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