Something that is constantly recirculating and reiterating in my mind is this theme:

The “global mind” is an already existent whole within which ‘we’ (apparently) arise. Our becoming into being is coherent with the arising of the whole. This whole system of which we are the microcosmic conscious holo-fractal internal feedback sensory and cognitive components, is simultaneously manifesting as the sum total of all our interactions, productions, and innovations. As we evolve to progressively more complex and dynamic interactive configurations, and our technological artefacts become integrated and synchronised, the potential for the whole system to manifest a coherently integrated cognitive and sensory apparatus draws ever closer to actuality.

From there some questions arise:

How can methods of clearing the deep connection to the real and true, the good and beautiful, become ubiquitously available;
a) to those know it exists and want it,
b) to those who want something ‘else’ than what they have,
c) to those who are clueless and suffering terribly?

in order of degrees of difficulty…


One Comment

  1. from elsewhere, a friend says;

    “I don’t know if I would call it self-responsibility. If we’re integral to that which emerges, I think we mainly need to not get in the way. We need to be fluid, we need to flow. Is our individual consciousness essential to the process? I’m not even sure. It might very well happen more easily if we’re not quite paying attention, so that we don’t get tempted to play smart and block some piece of it.

    I think there’s a direct sensing which is more needed and more helpful than anything we can think or say. Then again, yes, maybe there is some kind of model, or some kind of attitude that can be communicated, which makes it easier to be an emergence together. Maybe. I kind of think it is something we feel first, and then we can talk about it later.”



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