Humanity’s Assignment.

 ‘Our’ assignment in a nutshell – Project – reorient the current civilisation toward life giving and nourishing fulfillment of all individuals whilst simultaneously realising that something greater than the sum of us is incubating in our midst and can be nurtured and birthed for the benefit of all living beings – life defined broadly as that which has the capacity to integrate with the biosphere in mutually beneficial ways. No frills, get real, take care of business on this space-faring orb.

What we need to do is spell it all out in graphic detail, the ‘map’ needs to be so compelling that it evokes the territory.


  • We begin – we create a mutually supportive and inspiring psychic/physical environment comprised of our interactivity, and artifactiality, the streams of energy circulating through each of our merkebah structured, toroidal powered self generators connecting through mutual resonance with the deepest knowing of our inherent ‘oneness’ – our holographic, universal, fractal, quantum probabilities aligned with a common purpose – liberation of all beings from limitationWe progress – through multiple layers of meeting needs, the need to express and maintain the sacredness of our individual uniquness, the need to connect our heart/mind/bodies with ‘others’, the need to be embraced by the whole, and to connect with LIFE as it arises as US. The sphere of inclusion and beneficial influence expands to embrace all beings, as the capacity to maintain collective conscious interactive coherence is reached the embrace becomes a unification of consciousness which marks the next evolutionary step for life on this planet.

    To ground that (!)
    We create a symbiotic hybrid of heart/mind awakened, transparent humans with a common vision of benefit to all life-forms and the latest communications technology. This becomes a community of inspiration and innovation with permeable and expanding boundaries – reaching out to connect with the future by building upon the very best that the past has to offer. (Much of the work is currently already underway and can be linked with almost effortlessly)

    We are the hub, the committed community which has as its aim the structural integrity of a coherent dynamic of evolutionary potential for the future benefit of all beings yet to come.

    • I’m not sure any one story will do it, however, we can develop a variety of ‘inroads’ to cater to a variety of needs. Some folk already know that major change is under way , and they require the support, encouragement and empowerment in order to fully participate and contribute their personal genius to the scenius. An embracing of the highest potential of each willing individual…
      Those of us who are already in the swing of the momentum of this change in a conscious way can work on setting a variety of examples and making explicit to each other how the action we are/proposing to be, taking connects to the future benefit of the whole.

      Thinking in terms of the ‘whole’ as that which we aspire to the optimisation of through our actions and interactivity (using what ever terms and metaphoric frames make sense in circumstances as they arise).

      What is needed for those who have no idea what is going on will probably be a smooth (as possible) transition to the ‘new’, so as their lives continue to improve as if by magic 🙂

your thoughts?

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