Being me.

Having arrived in the second decade of this new millennium and entering what feels to be a time of deep transformation for the species I am currently a member of, the expression of universal manifestation that could be identified with as ‘me’ is experiencing a reorientation of the notion of boundaries. This individual human being feels an immanent merger with a higher order emergent sentient entity comprised of the interactivity of all manifest sentient lifeforms on the bio-spacecraft we currently inhabit.

The direct sense of embodied immanence that pervades the context in which it appears this ‘me’ is arising includes all that can be perceived, at once tangible and intangible. There is a direct felt sense of the interconnectedness, the entanglement and interdependence of the entire universe. This timeless immersive realisation has more power to describe itself now than ever before. The myriad ontological and epistemological interpretations of the eternal arising of form and phenomena are converging at an ever accelerating rate. This convergence heralds an era of integration of consciousness for which there is no precedent in recorded human terms. To express our mystic insights into this situation, a new language of gnosis will be required and is in development.

Sitting quietly in a remote location with an internet connection, this ‘me’ can extend contemplative, mystical awareness in to the realm of the collective ‘mind’, and sense a collective soul expressing itself as us. I sit at my monitor and meditate, resonate, and communicate with all the other faces of the one life, knowing all these ‘others’ to be unique portals into the same dimensional arising of consciousness as I am. Often I find myself “automatic typing” and the content of that writing often makes my heart explode and eyes water, the mind I use to express this flow requires constant upgrades to keep up the pace.

Having integrated the teachings of profound wisdom from several key traditions with the cutting edge of technological innovation as it is emerging, as well as having followed the path as it rose to meet my feet for all my life, I find ‘myself’ at this point of the journey embracing the whole in ways that it may well never have been able to be embraced before. A shamanic practice has extended itself seamlessly into the noospheric representation that is cyberspace – this realm of synthesis for which all available substances have undergone a radical alchemical process in service to the next unfolding wave of emergent sentience.

Here now, in this time and space, it seems possible that we actually do have all that we need to make the mystic ‘crossing’, from darkness to light, from ignorance to enlightenment – not in the sense of leaving one for the other, but to fully connect and integrate both and all that arises on account of the interaction of these primal forces. Spontaneously arising from the field of potentiality as it is facilitated by our evolving intersubjective coherence and social autopoiesis, and our dawning scientific realisations of the inseparability of mind and matter, all combine with our technological ingenuity and willingness to create that which facilitates communication and exchange. We are laying the groundwork for the emergence of a higher order holon of potentially self aware sentience. The me that I think I am has been superseded by the we that I know we are.

Listening deeply to that which seeks to express itself through ‘me’ and integrating information streams which ‘feel’ – in a sense that is hard to describe – like partial views of the truth, is the only ‘method’ guiding the process as I experience it. There appears to me to be a shared vision, too large for any one mind to grok, which could manifest in an alignment of realisations as what I can only describe from my own perspective, using mystical insight, as a higher order sentient being. I feel compelled through my entire being to fully engage with the evolutionary impulse, as some have termed it. It is certainly leading me toward some profound insights and collaborative, generative dialogue with those who also feel so inspired.

My only practice at this point is surrender to the flow of that which moves me into existence, with least possible resistance, and most possible facility.

your thoughts?

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